8. Adding Products to Your Account


Stylepick connects your Instagram posts with the products they are promoting. In order to do this, stylepick needs to know the product featured in each of your images.

There are two ways in which you can do this.

The first is to simply cut and paste the URL for each product in the "Add Tag / Product Link" space below each content tile in your dashboard.

The second is to add your products to your stylepick dashboard. This allows you to simply type in the name of each product to tag products in the future. Although this approach takes more time than option one, in an ongoing basis it will save you time.

 To add your product inventory to your account, please follow the following steps.



Step 1:Download a Product CSV

In your dashboard lefthand navigation, click on the "Products" tab.

At the top of the page, click on the "Download CSV" button.





Step 2:Update your Product CSV

Open the CSV file you downloaded. Be sure to update the following:

(1) Product ID - this allows our system to reference each of your products. It can be a simple number, or a more complicated nomenclature

(2) Product Title - this is the name of each product (and how you will search for the product tag)


(3) Store URL - this is the page on your website an Instagram user will be brought to when they click on your Instagram images


Step 3: Upload your Product CSV

In your dashboard click on the "Upload Product CSV" button

Upload the file you just updated and click "Submit"


Optional: Add Products One by One

If you would prefer, you can add products one at a time, by using the "Add Product" button in the Products section. You will add the same information you would in the CSV file, but this may work better for a small number of products (or for modifying products in the future).

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